About Us

Who are we?

Fly Style started out as a Womenswear boutique in Loughton Essex in 2009, about a year or two before TOWIE began and at a time when women mostly shopped by actually going into stores rather than online. Over the years we worked hard on finding the right product mix to match our customers requirements and gained a reputation as a go-to store in the area.

During this time we evolved and our brand mix moved along with us. We went to trade shows and visited showrooms in Europe and USA searching for labels that we thought our customers would like. Several of these were really successful and we created a market for them via our customers. We transformed lots of unknown brands into must-have collections by showcasing them in our store and styling them in our way.

As the internet began to grow it became trickier for us to find exclusive and unique collections, plus we were frustrated at not being able to source the right type of stock at the right time, we wanted to be able to react to seasonal trends and weather variations. So we took it upon ourselves to design and sell our very own brands and were delighted as we watched them become a hit with our customers frequently on our bestsellers list! The thing is we were only just getting started!

STYLECRUSH THE LABEL has been waiting patiently for us until the time was right to launch it in the best way and that time is now.

Alongside our own brand we carefully source from the best of the rest to create the ultimate fly wardrobe making life easy for our clients. Above all we want our customers to look and feel great and have fun with fashion. Our mission is to do the hard work for you so you can get the look direct from us knowing it will work!




Email: info@flystyle.co.uk