About Us

Fly Style is more than just a look, a trend or a compliment.

 It's the heart of all that we do here.

Since 2009 we have been figuring out exactly what Fly Style means to us and in engaging with us by either visiting our store or one of our pop-up events, shopping on our website or joining us on social media - we want you to feel it too.

Our Fly Hub in Bishop's Stortford is home to our concept womenswear and lifestyle store where you can shop our latest collections and also pick up unusual and exciting gifts for him, her and the kids.

Beyond the store is our HQ where we make Fly Style happen. Our dedicated team carefully design and curate our vision for Fly Style sharing it with you on here and all of our social media profiles - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Here we are busy constantly researching, scouring the internet, visiting showrooms and trade shows all over the world to find new Fly Style brands and planning our seasonal collections from our favourite designers.

When our new orders arrive we take time to build up the collections and merchandise them to reflect our vision of Fly Style. We work on outfit building, styling garments in different ways to make the most of each piece, accessorising and mixing brands to reflect current trends in our wearable, easy style.

Above all we want our customers to look and feel great and have fun with fashion. Our mission is to do the hard work for you so you can get the look direct from us knowing it will work! We have some super stylish customers with a style of their own - we love seeing how you incorporate Fly Style into your wardrobes.

We have to tell you about our exclusive brands only available at Fly Style HQ! What do you do when you can't find what you want to buy from other brands and put together looks that you know are so Fly? Well, we decided to design and make our own range to compliment those we buy from other labels and to fill in these gaps!

Our personal experiences and those we know about from talking with hundreds of customers over the years have given us a unique insight into what women want and what they need to make them feel good, confident and be the best they can be. From stumbling through the transitions of party life, settling down, being pregnant, coping with the aftermath and then entering a new zone where you want to spend more time thinking about you and your image.

We also wanted to offer Fly Style customers something quality and exclusive that can't be found on every High Street or website.

We have spent the past few years trialing our brands in store and we are so excited when they become bestsellers alongside well-established designer brands. We have now got the confidence to up our game and are working on making one superbrand that reflects all of our ideas, our heart and soul!

Watch as we launch and grow STYLECRUSH THE LABEL

Thank you for being part of our journey and allowing us to be part of yours.



Email: info@flystyle.co.uk

Telephone: 01279 898480